CNC Controller Boards

The Buildbotics CNC Controller offers all the hackability of a CNC controller board with out all the hassle of building your own enclosure or spending hours making cables.

Aluminum Enclosure

The Buildbotics enclosure protects sensitive electronics from wood and metal shavings.

The aluminum case also acts as a heat sink that keeps the high powered stepper motor drivers and built-in RaspberryPi cool even with out a fan.

Four screw holes allow the enclosure to be easily mounted on or near the machine.

Included Cabling

Why spend hours of your time and extra money you hadn't planned for wiring up a CNC controller board? The Buildbotics controller comes with time saving pre-made cables for connecting stepper motors and power supplies.

More Power

The Buildbotics CNC controller has much more motor drive power than your average CNC controller board. Check out these specs:

  • 4 built-in motor drivers
  • Up to 6A per driver
  • 24v to 48v DC power
  • Up to 256 microstepping
  • Smooth S-curve acceleration
  • Step rates up to 250k/sec per channel.

Solid Electronics

The biggest downside to most CNC controller boards is that they are so easy to burn up.

The Buildbotics CNC controller is packed with electrical safety features that help protect the electronics so you don't have to go out and buy them again.

  • Over-current
  • Thermal overload
  • Under voltage
  • Reverse voltage
  • Short-circuit
  • Voltage spikes caused by motor stalls

100% Open-Source on GitHub

And if you want to hack it you can. The source code, schematics, PCB and enclosure design are all on GitHub:

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